News everywhere

How Fraktal has helped Õhtuleht to deliver news for more than a decade.
The year was 1997. Dial-up internet was king, iPhone was a decade away. Õhtuleht, one of the biggest daily newspapers in Estonia decided to launch its first website. We were young, hungry and enthusiastic and got the job. The first version of the site was just a big storage locker for all the material that didn't fit into the print edition. Crazy, right?

Today Fraktal is in charge of supervising and designing everything digital for Õhtuleht — be it a mobile app or a revolutionary CMS. It's been a lot of fun and we've made some great friends along the way.

The flagship of Õhtuleht's digital empire is the new website launched this autumn. It's modular and grid based, allowing editors to draw up fresh layouts on the fly. The result? In two weeks, the site broke its visitor record. Now that's seriously sweet.