A theatre festival redesigned

Identity, print, outdoor, brochure, TV advertisements, website and more, 2013

Draama is a well-known and well visible theatre festival (the most prominent in Estonia) invading Tartu's venues and streets with its red-painted cubes, sofas and banners every autumn. To celebrate its 10th anniversary and stay on the fresh edge of contemporary, Draama got an identity refresh in 2013.

We preserved the dice and the colour red – the strongest and best-known elements of Draama's visual identity. We made use of the dice's ambivalent status: depending on how it falls, it can appear either happy or sad. Building on that idea we got two different sets of variations of the logo. And given the dice's potential as a rotating object we made a 3D model of it while preserving its totally flat 2D look.

We made Draama's online banners on a blue background so they'd stand out. And they did.

Design co-work: Kaspar Kannelmäe, 3D-logo: Markus Vaher, catalogue layout: Evelin Somelar, TV-spot soundtrack: Janek Murd

Draama's old logo, designed by DADA AD :